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Born in 2014 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of family business, CHAVANA is presently curated and cared for by the 4th generation as a way to pay homage to the passion of their ancestral founders. After the debut in Hong Kong and Singapore a few years ago, today CHAVANA is stepping into the next chapter of her journey in Bangkok, Thailand.
CHAVANA's creation is a marriage between traditions and contemporary expressions - a modern interpretation of Golden Age aesthetics that is still relevant to today's women. We celebrate our past while looking to the future - new creative wellsprings of design inspiration and continual refreshing interpretation of the brand, combined with unique French master-craft techniques originated a century ago which rarely seen nowadays. It forms such a distinctive character to the brand that is so contrast to others out there.

At CHAVANA ..we believe that jewelry has value beyond wealth and materialistic perspectives, it is the creation that are not only bewitchingly beautiful but also meaningful. With profound values that lie beyond the precious stones, each CHAVANA’s creation is also a statement of the wearer’s artistic self, a reflection of unique taste, elegance and grace. CHAVANA collections transcend fleeting fashion trends - with each piece exuding timelessness and delicacy, deeply rooted in the skillful artisanship passed down through generations. The brand is greatly admired and earned reputation among the growing lists of clientele who appreciate nothing less than perfection - It is truly the jewelry to start conversation.

The story of CHAVANA traces Its origin back to 1914 when a small jewelry shop was founded in Ban Mor district as a token of love by the great grandfather for his beloved wife. It was named MIAN TECK which translates as Continuous Virtues. A century passed and the family-run business has stood the test of time –109 years to be precise. Today, the business has transformed into a high-end jewelry exporting business that served a list of clienteles from Paris to New York, with creations that adored the Red Carpet and graced the body of tastemakers throughout the globe. Some pieces were also presented in the prestigious auction houses. This is a testament to the enduring power of artistry, legacy and the commitment to create precious objects that are both beautiful and meaningful.

CHAVANA flagship boutique is located at Level 1,

Central Embassy Bangkok, with representatives in Hong Kong and Singapore.