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CHAVANA design team travel extensively to draw inspirations from all the things we see and encounter whether it is nature, art, architecture or exotic cultures. Our 100-year-old archives also continue to be a valuable source of inspirations for our designers today.

Great imagination and creativity are then needed to transform ideas into our signature style, fusing with elements of the Art Deco and Edwardian Era

The Art of Making

Attention to detail and the passion to create the finest jewelry in the world form the core of our philosophy. With this in mind, CHAVANA embraces old-fashioned jewelry-making techniques that require more time to achieve more outstanding effects.

Every diamond hole is carefully hand-polished with a thread, while the back of the setting is open-worked to look beautiful from any vantage point. The processes are so intense that some pieces can take up to a year to finish.

Cuts of Perfection

Finest quality diamonds and gemstones are sourced from all around the world, from mines and stone-dealers whose relationship with CHAVANA has spanned over 4 generations.

The stones are then sorted and selected by skilled workers with expertise built on decades of experience, before going through laborious process of re-cutting and re-faceting to ensure that each and every precious stone shines with maximum brightness and beauty.


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