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Emotion Collection

Crafted to embody the language of emotions, the Emotion Collection serves as a beautiful reflection of heartfelt expressions. Every carefully designed piece comes enshrined with floral scrolls and delicate patterns, each with its own stories and symbolic associations. The motifs come together to reflect a rich range of personalities and allure, helping wearers’ find their individuality, strength and grace. From Joy to Romance; Serene to Glory, each design serves as a subtle reflection of the wearer’s current mood in a striking statement of individuality. Pieces in the collection also come with a void at its core, serving as a capsule to protect and cradle the wearer’s most cherished treasures. Here is a collection that beckons adoration — designed to be touched and cherished by both the hands and the heart.

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Triumph Earrings
Triumph Earrings Sale price$11,500.00
Triumph EarringsTriumph Earrings
Triumph Earrings Sale price$11,900.00
Pride Earrings
Pride Earrings Sale price$11,900.00
Pride EarringsPride Earrings
Pride Earrings Sale price$12,200.00
Emotion Earrings in White GoldEmotion Earrings in White Gold
Emotion Earrings in White Gold Sale price$6,600.00
Emotion Bracelet in Yellow GoldEmotion Bracelet in Yellow Gold
Emotion Bracelet in White GoldEmotion Bracelet in White Gold
Emotion Bracelet in White Gold Sale price$1,650.00
Emotion Bracelet in Rose GoldEmotion Bracelet in Rose Gold
Emotion Bracelet in Rose Gold Sale price$1,600.00